We, the writers of Galician PEN Centre, are deeply satisfied to host our colleagues from PEN International in Ourense, the most literary city of Galicia as well as being very significant with regards to male and female authors,  and initiatives to preserve the literature and the own language of this country, the Galician. Galicia hosted PEN’s big family in 1993. That congress in Santiago de Compostela was a total success, and a referent to our worldwide organization. Now, for the second time, and with great effort, we assume the compromise to gather you in Ourense, a historic city with a cultural tradition which dates back to the Middle Ages. We will work so that this event accomplishes the expectations of every one of the participants. From this precise moment, we welcome you, and we will keep informing you through this platform of the activities that will conform the final program.




The literature in the Galician language, one of the most ancient in Europe, wants in this occasion to become a bridge between the Hispanic world, especially the literary expressions of Ibero-America and the Lusophony. For this reason, the motto of the Congress, and our ambition in concurring all of us in Ourense, a city situated at short distance from Portugal, and integrated within the Euroregion Galicia-North of Portugal, offers the best conditions, beginning of fall, so that a deeper dialogue and contact between these two great literary phenomena can coexist. Galicia, Ourense, is the best bridge in order that all authors, editors, readers, and every one of the agents participating from the creativity, and defending liberty of expression as a flag, can provide a message of liberty, peace, and justice so necessary for our wanting humanity.

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